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One To One Marketing with

Acknowledge your customers as individuals with personalized variable data print and one-to-one marketing printed materials. Use unique software to personalize each project and maximize the return on your marketing investment. Response rates for marketing campaigns using variable data printing (VDP) software have been proven to increase from the standard 1% to 2% to up to 10% or higher.

FingerPrintPics, Leading One-To-One Marketing with Variable Data Printing Service

Variable Data Print features a host of benefits, including:

  • Gallery of over 500 unique images.

  • Ability to search by image category.

  • Unlimited proofing for clients.

  • No design or programming skills required.

  • Custom personalization effects.

  • Low cost of entry licensing fee.

  • Low fixed per-record cost.

  • Online list merge and print PDF output.

  • Licensees have their own personalized one-to-one marketing with store front with own branded interface.
    Click here to view a sample Web portal.

Experience the benefits of advanced one to one marketing. Learn more about our variable data print services today.

So GET STARTED NOW on a unique way to leave a lasting fingerprint on your customers.

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