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One to One Marketing and Personalized Printing

FingerPrintPics has launched an innovative Web to print technology. This personalized printing technology enables printers to create an advanced and user friendly Web to print storefront.

FingerPrintPics vs. Directsmile

FingerPrintPics' personalized printing technology is powered by XMPie and allows printers to print from Web and jump into the one to one market space. In other words, professional printers now have Web to print technology at their fingertips, along with the capability to produce complete variable data personalized products, marketing campaigns and create your own branded Web portal with the simple click of a mouse.

Much like Pageflex and Directsmile, FingerPrintPics uses XMPie technology to create Calendars, custom cards, custom mailers, and custom stationery. Unlike Directsmile, however, FingerPrintPics allows printers to choose from more than five hundred, ready-to-go targeted postcards that will let customers know firsthand the power of XMPie variable data printing.

Personalised Web to Print Storefronts

In addition to the wide selection of ready-to-go postcards offered at FingerprintPics, a major difference between FingerPrintPics personalized printing and Directsmile as well as Pageflex, is that the FingerPrintPics custom one-to-one Web portal is available to licensees. This portal will incorporate your company's information and logo. Your customers will be able to visit your site, print from the Web and view over 1000 images under your very own brand or company name. Whether your clients are looking for images of business people, architecture, landscapes, nature or sports they will be able to navigate your custom Web portal to find the images they are looking for.

Becoming a FingerPrintPics personalized printing licensee includes low per record cost with no setup fees and access to marketing materials for their Web to print storefront business. As a licensee, you will be able to produce as many free sample products as needed to show your customers. You will have the ability to raise awareness of one-to-one marketing and show your customers the power of XMPie Web to print technology.

Promote your printing services with a complete Web to print storefront boasting marketing pieces targeting the specific industry of your choice.

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