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Printing On Demand with Variable Data Print

FingerPrintPics offers user friendly Printing on Demand service to professional printers, worldwide. Print on demand, sometimes called publish on demand or printing on demand, is a digital demand technology and business process in which new copies of a document are not printed until an order has been received. Printing on demand was developed only after Web-2-print digital printing was made available because until that point, it was not economical to print single copies using traditional printing technology such offset printing.

FingerPrintpics is a new variable data on demand marketing portal that allows for the creation of uniquely personalized print materials and direct mail on demand. This marketing on demand portal allows printers, advertising agencies, marketing companies and corporate America in general to create personalized marketing collateral and print pieces that have proven to increase response rates, and thus gain greater return on investment (ROI) on marketing dollars spent. contains over 1000 unique customizable images that are already designed into tasteful and useful marketing postcards, personalized calendars, and specialty products such as greeting cards and invitations, all available through publishing on demand. Upon signing up, printing on demand licensees of FingerPrintPics get their own branded online image gallery from where their clients are able to select among a large variety of categorized print images ready for marketing on demand and variable data print. With the simple click of a mouse, customers can upload and merge a database and logo into the system that will automatically provide them with ready-to-print personalized PDFs of their selected print pieces.

The marketing portal contains ready-to-go marketing on demand collateral for the licensees, enabling them to immediately promote their new value added VDP on demand service to their customer base.

Cut Costs and Improve Value With Printing on Demand

FingerPrintPics has developed a digital portal that can help companies generate much needed revenue. We have therefore eliminated the need and heavy expense of designers, programmers and ad agencies to create VDP on demand marketing and creative pieces that are instead available through the FingerPrintPics print on demand marketing portal.

With over 1000 unique images available to personalize with variable data print from,, you have access to the largest customizable image gallery in the industry.

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