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Submit Your Unique Designs And Earn Credits offers all licensees an opportunity to earn credits through our Web site. All you have to do is design an XMPie image for our library, and you will earn $0.10 each time your image is used. For example, if a user uploads a list of 500 people, you will receive 500 x $0.10 = $50.00 in credits.

The benefits of submitting your XMPie image to the library includes:

  • Ongoing potential profit

  • Business recognition (company name and your name will be included)

All images must follow the guidelines below:

*Width and height can be reversed

NOTE: Image will go through an approval stage - allow 2 weeks for response.

Contact us today to gain recognition and earn money from your graphic designing skills.

**During our response period you will receive a disclaimer. Please sign and fax to 905.669.0712.

Click on 'Attach Accompanying Message' to input your name and email address.

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